Traditional Handicrafts Honoring Our Heritage

Presenting the arts and crafts of our family - indigenous, tribal BriBri Indians of Costa Rica. With traditional techniques we work with natural materials from the jungle, including wood, palms, and seeds. We specialize in masks, sculptures, earrings, and necklaces in the style of traditional indigenous art.

We aim to protect and conserve nature and that is why we recycle palm and wood to create each unique piece of art.

For those visiting Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, you are welcome to visit our family home in Hone Creek (Patino) just 700 mts from the Bribri/Puerto Viejo intersection, towards Bribri. We are just 15 minutes from Puerto Viejo and Cahuita by car or 25 minutes by bike. You can also visit us every Saturday at the Fair Trade Farmer's Market in Puerto Viejo from 8 am to 12 noon.

Our art is not for sale in the various souvenir shops that litter Costa Rica and often carry mass-produced, non-authentic trinkets. By selling our handicrafts directly we are able to preserve our traditions and conserve the cultural value of our family's artwork.

Call us at (506) 2756 8158 or email us at